Welcome to Time is Money!

time is money

"Time is Money" is the number 1 concerning Service in Belgium!
We are a young innovating company.... and our goal is : "to anticipate the growing need to save TIME !" Therefore our name "Time is Money".

Today it is becoming more and more difficult to combine professional obligations with the daily tasks of your private life, that's the reason why Time is Money has developed a large range of specially adapted services for everyone with "busy professional life". We take care of all the little annoying daily tasks that are time-consuming!
No more shopping in fifth gear after work or early in the morning... When you arrive late at home after a hard working day, you will not have to worry about ironing, the laundry, the cleaning of your car, have worked hard and you will finally have the time to do whatever you want!

"Time is Money" improves your "QUALITY OF LIFE"
These services are a perfect answer to all your extra legal remuneration problems for your staff members. Every company offers meal vouchers, mobile phones, corporate insurances. The services of Time is Money are an inventive solution for you company! !

How does it work ?
Your company subscribes to the services of Time is Money. From the day you subscribe all our services will be accessible to all staff members of your personnel. These services are individually billed by "Time is Money". The services are offered at market price and sometimes even cheaper !